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Oh hey.

 Miss me?

This post is late in coming, but I've recently re-immersed myself into the Sims community. WOOOOHOOOO right?

Well obviously, I have no current legacies/stories. I mean I kinda dropped them when I dropped SWG and LJ and everything, sadly. Although I've recently started playing TS3 more often. I have no stories or anything yet, but whatever, I'm playing, at that's the good part right?

Also, I moved the desktop with the Sims installed on it to a different room and now it has no internet connection, so it's near impossible to take pictures and post them online. So I'll have to get around that obstacle soon. >_>

Anyways! I'm happy to be back. YAYYYY.


An Aeronautical Alphabetacy: Alpha 1

No, you're not hallucinating. It's happening. I've fixed The Sims 2, and with that, comes yet another legacy. BUT! This legacy I am COMMITTED to finishing! This is an alphabetacy, based on the aeronautical alphabet. For those of you who don't know what the aeronautical alphabet is, it's the alphabet outlined in code words: Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta...etc. It's also a patriarchy. The first born son is automatically the heir, and he will be named after the aeronautical alphabet. The rest of the generation will be given normal (or ridiculous, whichever works) names based on the alphabet. Anyways, enough of my rambling. ENJOY!

Oh yeah, I cuss in this. So, WARNING: NAUGHTY LANGUAGE. :D

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I wish everyone a safe and prosperous new year! :)


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! :) I'm seventeen. Weeeee! :D

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 Stolen from the lovely Jessie.

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An Average Joe Legacy: Teaser

That's right. I'm back.

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 Fuck you Becki/Devin. FUCK YOU.
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A Meme, and no, I was not tagged. :P

I stole this from Jessie, I was not tagged. DON'T BE FOOLED! Anyways, I tag: collidingwithme , tyjet92 , and anyone else. Woo!
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